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Innovator & Thought Leader on Anthropometric Body Shapes
Former CEO and founder of


Cricket Lee is an entrepreneur and inventor, and began presenting her concepts to big retailers in 1996, beginning with a 3 year run on HSN for body shape education with Mary Duffy, the Executive Director of Ford Models at the time.  Separating fit from style at the time was a new idea. Although the concept was ahead of its time, she is a thought leader having introduced shapes into the industry, the first ever online fitfinder, and the idea of a “perfect fit”. Her ideas have impacted every corner of the industry and her initiatives including sustainability, diversity and inclusion regarding garment fit have indeed been game changers.

Through tenacity and determination she has been able to focus on delivering the promise that women can buy online or in store and don’t have to try-on clothing after their shape demographic has been established. Her initial research on shapes was developed with more than 62,000 women's bodies and measurements. It was then refined through brick and mortar, tv and online tests, resulting in over 600M data points from every area that it touched. With the consumer direct program, LittleBlackPant with Fitlogic, customer service and global application were then perfected on that particular program. She sold that company at the end of 2019 and started on a new system encompassing full body shape and using the learnings to create top, bottom and dress base shapes.and through her learnings has proven to fit  97% of women in full body shape application. It is nothing like her earlier ventures and was developed using data and real women. 


Lee holds 72 awards for creative excellence in advertising including a National Addy Award. Before beginning this journey of adding body types and shapes to apparel, she created launch programs and new products for Saks 5th Avenue, Ralph Lauren, British Airways, Haggar, Hanes, Macy's, JC Penney and many more. She was also a finalist in Southern California Apparel Awards as Trendsetter and Fashion Icon 2016, 2017. For more details on the journey, see HISTORY.